General Terms and Conditions

1. General

These conditions apply to all boat trips of Stichting Eemlijn, further called Eemlijn.
1.1 Deviations from these general conditions only apply if and insofar as these have been explicitly agreed in writing.

2. Realisation of the agreement

2.1 An agreement is concluded when the customer buys tickets trough the reservation system or on board directly at the cash register. The customer is jointly and severally liable for all obligations arising from this agreement.
2.2 If an agreement has been made for a special cruise, the client will receive a signed contract wich must be returned.
The customer will then receive the copy signed by Eemlijn. Payment must be made at least two weeks before the date of the cruise. If payment is not made on time we reserve the right to cancel the reservation.
2.3 If a reservation has been made for a regulair sailing, the passengers with a ticket must be present at the departure point at least ten minutes before departure. In the event of late arrival, the reservation will lapse, unless there is a special circumstance. In that case, this must be reported as soon as possible, after wich we will discuss how to deal with the situation. In exeptional cases the amount will be refunded, but this will be done by the execurive board. If you arrive late at the starting point without a valid reason, there will be no refund.

3 Cancellation of the cruise

3.1 In the event that Eemlijn decides, due to circumstances, that the cruise will not take place, Eemlijn undertakes to notify the customer of this immediately via the website.
3.2 In principe, Eemlijn sails according to schedule. In case red is issued for the region the sailing will be cancelled.
If due for example code red, defects to the ship or defects to bridges, it is not possible to sail, a refund will be given at all times. So bad weather of bad weather forecasts are no reason to cancel a reservation.

4.     Liability of Eemlijn

4.1 Eemlijn is liable for damage to bicycles or other means of transport. Eemlijn is not liable for damage to bicycles or other means of transport, if the incident that led to this occurred on board or when boarding or disembarking from the boat, insofar as this incident was caused by a circumstance that a crew member or skipper could have avoided or by a situation the consequences  of wich could have been avoided by such a crew member or skipper.
4.2 Eemlijn is liable for damage caused by death or injury of a passenger, if the skipper and/or crew member has been negligent in preventing or avoiding a situation or circumstance that resulted in shipwreck, collision, explosion of fire.
4.3 Eemlijn is liable for damage to luggage, clothing or bicycles of the passenger, insofar as this occurred during boarding or disembarkation and during the trip from the moment that the passenger has handed over his bicycle to the crew.
4.4 In the event of liability, compensation will never exceed the maximum amount stated in the insurance policy.
Small damages will be compensated upon presentation of an invoice for repair or purchase, but only if the damage has been reported to the skipper. The injured party will then receive instructions on how to proceed.

5 Obligations of the customer and his liability

5.1 The skipper has the right to exclude from further participation in the trip or to refuse access on board to a passenger who causes nuisance or trouble (misconduct) in such a way that the execution of the trip is hindered of endangered. This also applies to harassment of other passengers.  All additional costs arising from this shall be borne by the excluded Passenger.
5.2 The instructions and commands of the skipper and/or his crew must be followed at all times. Passengers must also only embark and/or disembark at the designated place. If the passenger has a bicycle with him, it may not be locked on board.
5.3 Eemlijn proves that the fault or negligence of the passenger caused or contributed to the damage. Eemlijn's liability for this can be waived wholly or partly.
5.4 The passenger is liable fo damage to inventory or boat caused by him/her luggage.
5.5 Eemlijn is never liable for lost or damaged goods. If the passenger notices to goods or bicycles, the passenger must report this to the skipper immediately. The skipper examines the damage and hands over a statement of damage.
The passenger can then have the damage repaired and will reimbursed upon submission of an invoice.

6.     Pets and other.

6.1 Pets are allowed, provided they do not cause a nuisance to the other passengers.
6.2 Consumption of food and drinks brought on board is permitted. In doing so, inconvenience for other passengers must be avoided. Any leftovers must be disposed of in the appropriate waste bins.
6.3 Smoking on board is only permitted in the aft section of the vessel. 
However, no nuisance must be caused to the other passengers.
6.4 In case certain matters are not provided for, the skipper will decide on the spot.